Life Activation

Life Activation

Life Activation

This is usually the first session that we recommend for our clients following their consultation, as it sets the foundation for major shifts and accelerated healing!

Live your life in the flow of your God-given purpose!

The Life Activation activates your DNA and the unique blueprints for who you truly are as a Divine Being. This ancient modality unlocks your full potential, awakens hidden gifts, enhances your intuition, & brings new clarity to Who you are and Why you’re here!

Benefits of Life Activation can include:

  • Deeper Clarity of Purpose
  • Increased Physical/Emotional Resilience
  • Unprecedented Ease Moving Through Blocks
  • Improved Wellbeing & Accelerated Healing
  • Deeper connection to your Divinity
  • Elevated Hope and Joy
  • Enhanced Energy
  • And More!

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A core legacy from the Hermetic lineage of King Salomon, this key of empowerment opens the door to manifesting your full potential, living your unique purpose, and fulfilling your mission on Earth. Safeguarded in Mystery School tradition for over 3000 years, the Life Activation was once reserved for royalty, high priests & priestesses, and oracles to help them rise to their great calling and serve the masses in alignment with their Higher Selves and the Will of God.

But now, amidst the great shifts happening in the world, we find ourselves in a time where Leaders from all corners and all walks of life are called to rise.

And so the Life Activation is now available to all who seek it and aspire to live their lives in the flow of their Divine Purpose! To help Create and Build the New Paradigm!

> Do you seek clarity on who you really are and your life’s purpose?

> Do you feel called to be or do more, but you’re not sure how to do it or where to start?

> Do you feel stuck and long to break free to living your life with meaning?

If so, the Life Activation may be your KEY to breaking through and revealing the deeper truths of who you are and why you’re here now!

Investment: $250

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