Full Spirit Activation

Full Spirit Activation

Full Spirit Activation

As the Life Activation brings Clarity, the Full Spirit Activation brings Purpose! Following the Life Activation, the Full Spirit Activation enhances your nervous system, elevates brain capacity, intensifies extrasensory perception, and deepens your connection to oneness and ALL that is. This activation awakens you to the much bigger picture of your mission on Earth!

Awaken to your Soul’s purpose and unlock your unique God-given key to restoring World Peace!

Benefits of Full Spirit Activation can include:

  • Awareness of your Soul’s Purpose
  • Amplified sensory and extrasensory perception
  • Enhanced brain capacity and nervous system function
  • Expanded experience of connection to ALL things
  • Deepened creativity and ability to manifest
  • Awakening your role in restoring World Peace
  • And More!

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The Full Spirit Activation is an amazing step to embodying your full Divine Potential and enriching your experience of life to extraordinary heights! It’s sometimes said that this Activation from the lineage of King Salomon awakens the client to their superpowers, which is no exaggeration!

The Full Spirit Activation enhances neural function and expands brain capacity, sharpening all of your senses, both physical (sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch) and spiritual (clairvoyance, clair, clairalience, clairgustance, clairsentience). As a result, clients often experience greatly amplified awareness and a drastically deeper connection to ALL things in the world and beyond!

This Activation builds upon the Life Activation. Where the Life Activation brought clarity to your full potential and your life’s purpose, the Full Spirit Activation awakens your awareness to a much bigger picture of your destiny to make a true difference in the world. This allows you to serve your Soul’s purpose, and through doing so, to help create and build the New Paradigm and serve others now and for generations to come!

The Full Spirit Activation sets your life in a new course of operating from a much higher perspective and empowers you to make the most of your life NOW.

> Do you feel called to leave a legacy that makes a difference in the world?

> Do you wish to positively impact the progression of Humanity and the wellbeing of our planet?

> Do you desire to experience all the richness and magick that life has to offer?

The Full Spirit Activation can awaken you to all this and more!

Investment: $250

Prerequisite: Life Activation

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