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Life Activation

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Purification by Light

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Emotional Cord Cutting

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EnSofic Ray Healing

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Aura Healing

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Spark of Life

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House Blessings & Space Clearings

Go to Chakra Awakening

Chakra Awakening

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Crystal Healings

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Tree of Life

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Essential Oils Healing

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Shamanic Aura Healing

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Laser Light Healing

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Elemental Balancing

Go to 16 Petal Opening

16 Petal Opening

Go to Hermetic Soul Retrieval

Hermetic Soul Retrieval

Go to Crystal Reading

Crystal Reading

Go to Rune Reading

Rune Reading

Go to Eleventh Codone Reading

Eleventh Codone Reading

Go to Etheric Reconstruction

Etheric Reconstruction

Go to Angel Code Healing: Support from the Angelic Realms

Angel Code Healing: Support from the Angelic Realms

Go to Full Spirit Activation

Full Spirit Activation