Our Mission

The Academy for Empowered Living holds a vision of World Peace and the mission of building a community of Light where individuals can acquire and share tools to know their divine selves with abundant clarity and live their lives with Purpose, Joy and Passion!

Certified through The Modern Mystery School International and operating within the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light, the Academy for Empowered Living is a sanctuary where one can receive access to deep Hermetic teachings, advanced spiritual training, & proven healing modalities handed down teacher to student over thousands of years directly from the lineage of King Salomon the Wise.

Founded by Joe and Chris Elwart, both certified and initiated as Guides, Healers, Teachers, Shamans & Magus Hermeticus through the lineage within the Modern Mystery School, the Academy for Empowered Living features a dynamic team of light workers and leaders who are passionate and committed to creating a New World of Peace, Love, and Joy!

Since its inception, through this day and beyond, Joe and Chris are committed to building community and are grateful for the opportunity to serve those in the Midwest United States and beyond with the truly transformative tools of Activation, Initiation, and Ascension as handed down through the time-honored lineage of King Salomon!

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