Modern Mystery School

The Modern Mystery School exists with the mission of World Peace, bringing light to the truth that all Human Beings can be empowered to live in Peace, Joy, Fulfillment, Abundance, and Harmony!

Through the power of Activation, Initiation, and Ascension found within the hallowed lineage of King Salomon, The Modern Mystery School provides the Hermetic tools, teachings, healing services, and programs that empower the Initiate to transform and expand into a state of knowing their eternal Divine nature, thus living their Purpose here on Earth.


The Modern Mystery School is the only major Mystery School currently open to the public and will remain so as long as possible. Upholding the integrity and purity of the lineage is of the utmost importance to the school and its lineage holders.

Academy for Empowered Living is certified through the Modern Mystery School to offer the life-transforming activations, initiations, healing modalities, and advanced spiritual trainings kept sacred and safe for over 3000 years in the holy lineage of King Salomon the Wise.

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Third Order

There are 7 remaining ancient mystery school lineages on the earth and each bears a key holder, responsible for anchoring the lineage on the planet, sustaining the integrity, power, and purity of the lineage, and wielding the authority to open the doors of the lineage and its deeper teachings to the sincere seeker.

Within this lineage, the main key holders are Founder Gudni Gudnason, Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon, and Ipsissimus Hideto Nakagome. Together, they are known as the Third Order, and they administer and attend to maintaining the purity of the lineage of King Salomon and progressing the impact of the Modern Mystery School worldwide.

Gudni Gudnason

Founder Gudni “Frater Ged” Gudnason

Founder Gudni Gudnason is recognized as the Founder of the Modern Mystery School for his great service of opening the doors of the lineage to the public in 1997. Until 2017, he was the sole key holder. Learn more about Founder Gudni.

Dave Lanyon

Ipsissimus Dave “Thor” Lanyon

Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon was initiated into the lineage in 2004 and has been responsible for the exponential growth of the Modern Mystery School from 12 countries to over 55. He has dedicated his life to serving the world and empowering people from all walks of life to Know Thyself. Learn more about Ipsissimus Dave.

Hideto Nakagome

Ipsissimus Hideto “Rei” Nakagome

Ipsissimus Hideto Nakagome was initiated into the lineage in 2000. Born into a pure Samurai family, he brings an amazing power and lightness to his mission of upholding this sacred lineage and its mission. Learn more about Ipsissimus Hideto.

Council of 12

In addition to the forming of the Third Order in 2017, the Council of 12 was also formed, anchoring the Goddess Power in the coming age of Divine Union. Comprised of 12 High Initiate Women - 6 representatives from the East and 6 representatives from the West - The Council of 12 works directly with the Third Order, providing unanimous confirmation and implementation of direction received by the Third Order. Theirs is a Service only capable of being provided by the Divine feminine to unite in Spirit with the Divine masculine of the lineage holders in service to the holy mission of the greater Lineage, the Great Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light through the service of Modern Mystery School: World Peace.

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