Sacred Geometry 2

Sacred Geometry 2

Sacred Geometry 2

Sacred Geometry 2 dives deep into the mysteries and true magick of crystals held secret for millennia within the hermetic lineage of King Salomon! Learn powerful techniques using crystals for healing, manifestation, lucid dreaming, and energetically enhancing your home for greater protection, manifestation, and anchoring the Divine Light of God!

In this class, receive training in the following:

  • Crystal Healing – a specific modality to bring in healing energies for yourself & others
  • Crystal Readings – an amazing, accurate technique for divination
  • Crystal Dreaming – used to enhance your ability to learn and grow from your dreamwork
  • Crystal Gridding – for creating a positive, peaceful, and protected home and/or work environment with sacred crystal space formations

And not only will you be trained to administer these healing modalities, but in this hands on class you will also be receiving them! Your own personal set of crystals for Crystal Healing are included in the cost of the class. Crystals for Crystal Readings are available for purchase.

A MUST for crystal lovers and those seeking to develop their healing gifts!

Investment: $350

Prerequisite: Sacred Geometry 1

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