Embracing Your Empath Series

Embracing Your Empath Series

Embracing Your Empath Series

Are you an Empath?

Do you tend to absorb the energies and emotions of other people and feel them as if they’re your own?

Many Empaths feel they are controlled not only by their emotions but by the external world and all its intensity. The “Embracing Your Empath” 3-Class Series turns that notion on its heel!

Hosted by Chris Elwart, Co-Founder of Academy for Empowered Living, this class series empowers you to:

  • Better understand and embrace your Gift
  • Form healthier relationships/boundaries with others
  • Strengthen and fortify yourself to THRIVE as an Empath
  • and More!

Class #1

What is an Empath? Are you or someone you love an Empath? What is the difference between a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and an Empath? What are the different kinds of Empaths? What are the challenges and gifts of the Empath?

Class #2

How can an Empath tell the difference between their own emotions and energies and the emotions and energies of others? Of the world? Of the Collective Consciousness? How can the Empath separate these emotions, sensations and energies? How can you transmute negative energies and send them back to the originator with Love?

Class #3

Tools for survival and tools to thrive: protective strategies, meditations, and everyday life skills for the care of the Empath. Learn how to identify and deal with “energy vampires” and build a support system to support you as an Empath.

Note: Each class is a stand-alone class but it is most beneficial to participate in the whole series.

Investment: $150 for all three classes

Contact us for more information about Embracing Your Empath Series and for upcoming dates for this class.

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