7 Mystery Schools

7 Mystery Schools

7 Mystery Schools

This class will introduce you to the 7 Great Mystery Schools and further clarify what a true Mystery School is from a lineage perspective.

While many claim to be a student or teacher in a Mystery School, there are facts that set an actual Mystery School apart from an institution that studies or teaches esoteric, metaphysical, and magickal subject matter.

In this lineage class, experience the unique energy of each of the 7 Mystery Schools brought right into the room! Then, facilitated by your teacher, learn deeper knowledge about each of the Mystery Schools and their specific mission on Earth!

You will learn:

  • The home country of each of the 7 Mystery Schools
  • The primary mission and unique role of each School and its initiates
  • The sacred energy and magick that each anchors on the planet
  • And More!

Investment: $25

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