12 Races of Earth

12 Races of Earth

12 Races of Earth

12 Races of Earth uncovers the deeper hermetic teachings on the other beings that share our planet.

Including Faeries, Elves, Gnomes, Vampires, and Mermaids, these beings and their mythological origins have long been considered fiction. But are they? Is it simply coincidence that there are folk tales and artistic depictions of these other races spanning the entire globe?

In this class as taught through The Modern Mystery School, open yourself to learn the truth of the other races of Earth as has been held secret for thousands of years within the lineage of King Salomon!

In this class, you will have the opportunity to learn:

  • Who the other Races of Earth are
  • Where they came from and where they are now
  • Each race’s purpose and the unique gifts and magick they bring to the world
  • Why many of them chose to cut off connection with Humans
  • How we can learn to respectfully and safely reconnect with them

Investment: $190

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