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Sacred Geometry I
Sacred Geometry is a wonderful series of teachings and tools that have been with us for thousands of years. Just as there are physical laws of geometry, there are spiritual or energetic laws of geometry as well.

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Sacred Geometry II
If you have an affinity for crystals, this is the class for you. This is the second step to Sacred Geometry. We will go deeply into the mysteries of crystals and you will leave with more tools for your metaphysical toolbox including four different ways to protect space in a lasting way. You will learn how to call in the energies that will establish a good home and a better life.

Go to Astral Travel I

Astral Travel I
Astral travel is the art of expanding one’s consciousness in order to travel outside the realms of the physical reality. This course teaches you how to explore the astral planes and other dominions more safely and effectively. It also aids to improve meditation, conscious dreaming, and journeying.

Go to Journeys of The Spirit

Journeys of The Spirit
Join us for Journeys of the Spirit for Core Shamanic training and explore the domain of the Elementals. Learn more about your Higher Self and develop a heightened discernment while travelling the world of Spirit.

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Embracing Your Empath
Many Empaths feel they are controlled not only by their emotions but by the external world and all its intensity. These classes turn that notion on its heel, helping us feel empowered and healthy in relationships and within ourselves. Each class is a stand-alone class but it is most beneficial to participate in the whole series.

Go to Empower Thyself

Empower Thyself
This 2-day intensive program will share teachings on how energy works and flows in your life, how to manage it and how to manifest what you desire. The Empower Thyself program follows the tradition of "handing down" sacred teachings, tools, and rituals from teacher to student in an ancient, unbroken lineage, providing you with the tools you need to Empower your life. This program and its completion are marked with a sacred initiation ceremony.

Go to The 12 Races of Earth

The 12 Races of Earth
Today we live in a world where the old mythology is coming back to life in books, TV, and film. We are seeing a growing emergence of characters that were always considered fiction.

Go to Max Meditation

Max Meditation
The Max Meditation System is a simple and effective way to meditate.

Go to Sanctuary Meditation

Sanctuary Meditation
The Sanctuary Meditation is a fail-safe method to easily and safely expand your consciousness to reach the realm of your own personal spiritual sanctuary, meet with your Higher Self and receive clear guidance from with within.

Go to Intro to Mystery School with ChiDo

Intro to Mystery School with ChiDo
This free introduction will take you through the doors of the only major Mystery School open to the public. We will also be introducing the practice of Chi-do which will give you a tool to fight off disease and regain vitality. Come join us and open yourself to the realm of limitless possibilities.