Circle of Light

The Circle of Light is a group journey of alchemical transformation & deep inner healing that offers you a formula for true empowerment. Meeting in-person 10 times (either every week or every other week), explore your spirituality and who you truly are as a Divine Being from a whole new perspective and ascend your life to a state of sustainable joy & fulfillment that truly brings more LIGHT to our world!

What makes the Circle of Light different?

  • In most circles and talk therapy, there is the tendency to dwell or fixate on what’s stopping you.  Session after session, circle after circle, you are still discussing the same issues and problems. In the Circle of Light, it’s all about growth and progression. You will receive lineage tools, guidance, & mentorship through each step of the journey to tangibly and measurably shift & transform what’s stopped you in the past in order to create a bright new future!

  • The Circle of Light is not exclusive to either gender. Both men and women are welcome to participate and embark upon this transformative journey together.

  • The same group will meet for the entirety of the journey and complete the Circle together. There is no jumping in, jumping out, or jumping back in again. This not only creates a group bond and a sense of community, but also accountability and commitment that supports all to continue growing individually as well as together in amazing, even miraculous, ways through all 10 meetings and beyond!

  • The Circle of Light is an experiential journey. Its power to transform and heal comes from the ancient wisdom and teachings of the Hermetic Lineage of King Salomon.

Each in-person gathering during the Circle of Light will focus on a different theme on the path of empowerment & spiritual growth.
9 of the 10 sessions will meet during the evening for 2 hours and session #6 will be a full 2-day class*.

These are the themes we will explore together:

  1. Quieting the Mind through Meditation
  2. Self-Worth & Self-Care
  3. Connection with Spirit
  4. Enhancing Spiritual Intuition
  5. Fulfilling Your Life’s Purpose
  6. The Empower Thyself Class & Initiation*
  7. Reducing Stress in your Life
  8. Making a Difference in the World through Service
  9. Strengthening your Spirituality
  10. The Path of the Healer