We are Joe & Chris Elwart, co-founders of the Academy for Empowered Living and High Initiates within the Modern Mystery School, and we are so glad you finally arrived. We’ve been waiting for you!

Our mission, together, is to share our nearly 150 years of combined experience & wisdom we’ve gained as Lightworkers, Healers, Spiritual Teachers, Peaceful Warriors, and Leaders serving God and changing the World for Good – not a small feat, especially in these times. And yet we’ve done that, and will joyfully continue doing so long as we are here. But, as we enter the New Paradigm of Divine Union and the dawning of a New Era, we know it’s time for us to pass the torch.

To open the door and light the Path now for those who will not only follow our footsteps and do all that we have done, but do so much more!

So, if you know you’re here to do something BIG and you’re seeking guidance, healing, and spiritual training to live your unique purpose and know yourself as the Divine, eternal being that you are, then we’re ready to pay that forward to you.

Ready to Begin?

We recommend starting with these 3 Steps:


Schedule your Life Activation

Activate the blueprints for who you truly are and take your life to the next level.  Unlock your full potential on a DNA level, enhance your intuition, & bring exciting clarity and light to who you are and why you’re here now.


Enroll in the Empower Thyself Initiation Class

Access esoteric spiritual wisdom, tools, and keys from the lineage of King Salomon and receive Initiation into the Brotherhood & Sisterhood of Light.  Shed your ego, amplify your Light by up to 10 times, and accelerate your transformation into the Leader of Light you are called to be.


Ascend the Tree of Life through the 10-month Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah journey

Experience the ancient spiritual alchemy of Ascension through the sacred Tree of Life. Unlock deep hidden knowledge and illuminate subconscious keys to unlock miraculous healing, unprecedented self-awareness, and a newfound freedom & power to create your life in alignment with Joy, Love, Passion, and Limitless Light!

We are here to support your journey

We offer an expanse of ENERGY modalities, classes, and meditations

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Heal and transform through powerful activations & lineage healing modalities designed to illuminate the true you and empower you to live your life’s purpose with more clarity, joy, and light.

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Experience the next level of esoteric spiritual training. Gain access to tried & true lineage teachings and metaphysical tools to reclaim your Divinity and make the impact you were born to make in this world.

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Learn to still your mind and tap into the wisdom and power within you. Raise your vibration, sharpen your intuition, and bring more peace to your life through these lineage meditation techniques.

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“Divine guidance is our birthright as humans.
We are part and parcel of the magnificent plan of creation.” 

Christine Elwart



Ascend  to  Joy

Ascend to Joy, unveils the miraculous & magickal experience of Universal Kabbalah through the eyes and heart of Christine Elwart!  An alluring glimpse into the alchemy of Kabbalah and ascending the Tree of Life through the Modern Mystery School, this debut book inspires & empowers the Seekers ​of the w​​orld to transform their lives for G​​ood, to heal themselves in unimaginable ways, and to take part in a Rev​​olution of Love!

“This book offers you the chance to step out of the confines of life, as you have known it. My goal is to open the door to limitless possibilities for you by sharing my story with the conviction that it can be your story as well!” – Christine Elwart

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