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Ascend to Joy


Are you ready to experience more joy than you ever thought possible?

Ascend to Joy unveils the miraculous & magickal experience of Universal Kabbalah through the eyes and heart of Christine Elwart! An alluring glimpse into the lived alchemy of Kabbalah and ascending the Tree of Life through the Modern Mystery School, this debut book seeks to inspire and empower those called to bring more Light to the world, awakening the promise of their lives from deep within their DNA and helping them ascend to a whole new world of possibility, hope, and JOY!

“This book offers you the chance to step out of the confines of life, as you have known it. My goal is to open the door to limitless possibilities for you by sharing my story with the conviction that it can be your story as well!” - Christine Elwart

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Watch Eric Thompson, International Teacher & Kabbalah Instructor with the Modern Mystery School, as he explains the alchemy of Ascension.

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COVID-19 Update

IMPORTANT COVID-19 UPDATE: In compliance with Gov. Whitmer’s 5/21/2020 announcement, we are now offering small classes with less than 10 people as of May 30, 2020 (subject to change in order to remain in compliance with our state government). We are taking cautionary measures to keep the center sanitized, using PPE, and will be enforcing social distancing to maintain a healthy and safe learning environment. We ask that anyone who is not feeling well to please refrain from attending class until safely healthy for an extended period of time. Our in-person services are once again available on an appointment only basis. We are still offering our distance healing services for those who are ill, quarantined, or where traveling to us is not feasible. Thank You for your patience and understanding – We’re in this together!

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